Zombie Maxx - Tackle Tips

Tackle Tips

The Zombies Maxx’s are slow-sinking, and they will run at the depth that you set them for, depending if you weight the line, or run them straight. They can be casted, trolled (with or without downrigger), jigged, reeled-in and jerked to create an endless number of presentations with its erratic swim action. This lure will run at the depth that you set them for; you can weight the line or run them straight. Try using an erratic retrieval, with periodical pauses when jigging or casting. And, because it’s joints are made with a durable nylon material, anglers can now add bait scent to this hard bait. Just soak this bait in your preferred scent for 45 minutes and you’re good to go – please check your local regulations.


Tie directly to your line and cast it – it’s that simple! Play around with your retrieve and don’t be afraid to jerk the bait, varying your depth with your retrieval speed. If you pause on your retrieve, your Zombie Maxx will actually turn and sink/swim away from you!

They aren’t designed specifically to ‘dig’ to a certain depth. If you use thin diameter line, cast really far, hold your rod tip low and start retrieving as soon as the lure hits the water, then the Zombie Maxx will run about 2′ to 3′ deep. Our Zombies do sink, if a little slowly. If you use the above suggestion but wait a bit after the lure hits the water (suggest using the ‘count down’ method) the Zombies will run a little deeper.


Cast across the stream and allow the lure to swing across the current. Then a nice, steady retrieve. Try using an erratic retrieval, with periodical pauses, as this technique works best. Once you find your groove with this lure, it’s a lot of fun!


Tie directly to your line and let out enough line to get to your desired depth. Use of a downrigger or bottom walker is always an option.


Tie directly to your leader and let out enough line to get to your desired depth. Raise and lower your rod tip to generate the action.

Lucky Bug Lures Zombie Max Tackle Graph


Always keep your hooks sharp and rinse off the entire lure with fresh water after using it in saltwater.


Black, due to its contrast, is the most visible colour to fish under most conditions and is the best colour in dark waters. Use darker colors like black, blue and violet under low light or when fishing deep because fish can see them better. Use fluorescent colors like green or chartreuse in greenish waters or deep waters. In clear water, when fishing on the surface, the reds and the oranges often are best. Chartreuse & white or red & white produce the most contrast and are the best combinations under virtually any light.