Trimaxx Technology

A 3-stage system designed into all of our lures with the ultimate goal of putting more fish on your line!

Stage 1


Lucky Bug’s Trimaxx lures’ erratic vibration, felt through the fish’s lateral line, is designed to imitate a bait fish in distress. Predators use their lateral line to detect movement from much farther away than they do visually. Stage 1, using feel not just sight, allows our lures to attract fish from a greater distance than other lures.

It is interesting to note that the largest sensory organ on a fish is the lateral line. If fish didn’t have this system, it would be next to impossible to locate food in less than ideal conditions, such as murky water or at night. Fish are able to differentiate between food and non food vibrations, meaning the more erratic the vibration, the more injured and easier to catch the food is.

Stage 2


Once the fish have made visual contact with our lures, Lucky Bug’s Trimaxx Technology Stage 2 kicks in with visual attraction. Our color patterns range from ultra realistic to high contrast; a well stocked fisherman will be successful for all species in all conditions.

Although the vibrations are often enough to get a strike, being able to fine tune your presentation with either contrasting or subtle colors to match the mood of the fish is essential. As you fish you can get “dialed in” by playing with different patterns.

Stage 3


Stage 3 of the Trimaxx Technology is unparalleled random direction changes. The unique shape of all Lucky Bug Trimaxx lures allows the lure to take advantage of the water itself to generate truly random movements. Our Trimaxx lures are so finely balanced that as they are being pulled forward through the water, subtle pressures or current changes will dramatically alter their travel – meaning at any given time, the lure can shoot off in any direction: left, right, up, down, or diagonally.

These movements can be triggered by the fish itself coming in for a closer look! This is perhaps one of the most powerful strike generators. A bait that appears to be in distress will suddenly alter its direction as the predator approaches. This seeming attempt to evade will trigger the predatory programming of the fish and it will strike the lure!

Some lures may have good visual attraction, but if the fish can’t see it, even the best looking lure won’t be effective. Some lures generate lots of vibration, but if it’s not the right kind of vibration, the fish won’t bother. And if you don’t have random movements, you will not generate a strike reaction and will miss out on most of your opportunities. Any angler that has watched a fish follow their lure right up to the surface but not bite will know exactly what that feels like.

Only Lucky Bug’s Trimaxx Technology combines all three stages together in our lures. Maximizing your efforts, allowing you to catch more and catch bigger.