The Zombie Maxx is an ultra-versatile lure with a slow sinking erratic swim action. It can be trolled, jigged, reeled-in and jerked to create an endless amount of presentations. For trolling and casting, the Zombie Maxx will run at the depth that you set them for; you can weight the line or run them straight. Try using an erratic retrieval, with periodical pauses when jigging or casting. Also, you can try adding some gel or liquid scent, as it readily soaks in to the connecting fabric.

AMAZING ACTION – This slow-sinking glide/swim bait features ultra-realistic patterns and unbelievable underwater swim action that works to attract predatory fish, both in open water and through the ice. The incredible action triggers unparalleled predatory fish strikes!

PREMIUM QUALITY – Eight articulated body segments, with realistic 3D eyes, for a clean presentation. Custom graphics are applied with ink for vibrant and durable patterns.

DURABLE – Flexible connecting fibre is made from durable and strong nylon for added dimension and presents an amazing visual attraction, which has the added benefit of retaining scents.

VARIETY OF HOOK CONFIGURATIONS – Comes with single and treble hook set ups to allow you to configure it in a variety of ways to suit different anglers’ needs including trolling, casting and jigging presentations.

TRIMAXX TECHNOLOGY – A 3-Stage system of vibrations that trigger feeding, bright graphics for visual attraction and erratic movements to create random direction changes, that have been designed into all of our lures with the ultimate goal of putting more fish on your line!