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Introducing the Fusion Lure

Jan 16, 2014 | New Products


Direct from our design team is the newest Lucky Bug creation! Inspired by the successes of the Bingo Bug, the Fusion is an amazing castable lure that triggers a reaction strike from all predatory fish! The Fusion is solid cast with BPA-free plastic. Fusions are slightly heavier than water so they hover, start to sink then dart forward with each pause during the retrieve. Cast one of these vibrant lures and see for yourself how our exclusive Trimaxx Technology, combined with amazing body patterns and graphics, attracts fish in any water ways!

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  1. AlexxM

    Oh ! Tremendous design . Thank you for sharing with us. I wish you go ahead for long run.
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  2. Francois Martel

    you need to add an underwater action video


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