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LOVE my Lucky Bugs! My husband ordered me 3 different patterns. I was the big winner of the day. I caught 2 nice size brown trout and 2 even bigger tiger trout. Usually I don’t catch anything. They worked so well that he bought me 6 new patterns. Can’t wait to try the “glow in the dark” lures! 


Edmonton, Alberta

You can’t fish the Zombie Maxx wrong, this is simply a fish catching creation!

Charlie Wray

The Fishful Thinking Show

Don Hare with Lucky Bug Bingo Bugs

I finally decided to try my new series of Lucky Bug Bingo Bugs, the chartreuse colour was phenomenal! Caught and released at least a dozen smallmouth bass, in only a half-hour. I’m a believer! Can’t wait to try another colour too!

D. Hare

Smiths Falls, Ont.

Well, I spent 3 hrs out on the ice yesterday. I vertical jigged the Zombie Maxx the entire time (a 5″ Chrome Chartreuse). The advantage of having a ice fishing shack is that I have an unobstructed view of the water column from surface to the bottom in 17 feet of water. Not only can I see fish as they approach, I can see the action of lures from the drop to the bottom.
During the past 6 weeks, I have seen numerous Pike and Walleye swimming past and up to the various lures that I have been using. I have also been using real minnow and herring baits on a set line to try and entice the non-aggressive fish. My results have been mixed, and I would say, at least 50% of the fish I have been viewing, have not been interested in lures or bait. In fact, a lot of the fish were actually spooked once the lure was “twitched” or given action.
Enter the Zombie Maxx: from the moment the lure starts its decent (1.5 feet per second) with a slow clockwise rotation, to the natural action of the tail movement as it is lifted up, the lure resembles a wounded bait fish. Every fish that I saw absolutely devoured the Zombie Maxx. There was no hesitation whatsoever. These fish hit with such force, that the rod was almost ripped out of my hands. I had a 100% strike and a 100% landing ratio.
The best part was that the other 3 anglers that were with me, did not even have a single hit. I landed 5 fish yesterday and that was 5 more than anyone inside or outside my ice fishing shack had!
You will notice that the walleye picture with the Zombie Maxx shows the lure attached to a swivel. Even though my leader is 30lb test mono, I don’t want to chance losing this lure on the big pike we have in this lake if I tie directly to the lure. The result of using this swivel is that it restricts the action of the lure. I will be going for Lake Trout in a couple of weeks, and I will then try the lure without a swivel.
I have been fishing for 53 years and my tackle box is bigger than most local fishing supply sections. I have never seen a lure with such amazing action.  So far I can state that this lure is worth every penny.
K. Daniels


Having grown up in Kamloops, I was very familiar with traditional trolling methods of the interior which involved dragging a trail of tin and occasionally catching small fish. After an extended absence from trout fishing I was re-introduced to the sport via the Bingo-Bug. My consistent success with the Bingo Bug has lured me back into fishing every chance I get. Now, no matter where I fish in BC I almost always limit out, catch more and bigger fish than anyone else on the lake and I am constantly being asked by other anglers what my secret is. My secret is apparently a secret no more.

T. Nellis

Surrey, BC

I have been fishing and guiding for many years. I’ve fished lakes, oceans and rivers. For the past 5 years I’ve been trolling on lakes with fly lines (lead core, fast sink, mid sink and sink tip mainly) with great success! I used to tie my own flies and was constantly researching effective patterns that might raise the “big one”. All this changed last year when a buddy suggested I try a Bingo Bug pattern lure. I was leery since it didn’t look like a traditional fly, and my mind was set on the patterns that worked for me in the past. I thought I had figured out what most Salmonoids (Dollies, Rainbow, Cutthroat, and Kokanee) really liked. Despite my reservations I tried one of the Bingo Bugs. Needless to say, after about 15 minutes of trolling – 3 bites and 2 fish later – I was sold. Since then I haven’t put anything on my lines but Bingo Bugs.

If you like catching lots of fish, do yourself a favour and get many different colours and sizes. You’ll never look back.

Tight lines, sharp hooks and happy fishing 😉

Paul Airut

Don Hare with Lucky Bug Bingo Bugs

I came across your lure “bingo bug pattern” at Sea-Run Fly and Tackle (formerly Babcocks) about 7 or 8 years ago. I bought the green with yellow stripe variety. All my friends made fun of me for “getting suckered” into buying such a stupid looking lure. That fishing trip I out fished my friends 4 to 1 at Tunkwa Lake in early June on the Green w/ Yellow Stripe pattern. When we returned home my friends went straight to Sea-Run to get their own but the bug had disappeared. Since that time we have scoured the fishing stores and internet in search of the lucky bug with out success. The lure became some what of a legend among our fishing circle the “one ring” if you will. On last year’s spring trip it holds the honor of hooking the only fish we caught over 4 days of fishing at a particularly finicky lake. I’ve always refused to use anything less than 10lb test so that I would not break the lure off on an un-worthy trout.

Today, I walked into Riverside Fly and Tackle in Port Coquitlam and almost fell over when I saw a healthy supply of lucky bugs on the wall. I stocked up for me and my friends before the magic lure disappeared for the next 8 years.

Only problem was that they only had one size which is a smaller version of the one I originally purchased. Is there any where I can pick up a larger size???

Thank You from a lucky bugger 🙂

Travis Hughes

Port Coquitlam, BC

Don Hare with Lucky Bug Bingo Bugs
Don Hare with Lucky Bug Bingo Bugs

It was great to talk to you about where to find “Lucky Bugs”.

I bought my first couple of Bingo Bugs at Discount Herbies in Vernon and was hooked. Next time I was back in Vernon I bought all they had left and over the years my stock has dwindled alarmingly. I fish the lakes around Chataway Lake several times each year and a couple of years ago my son and I did a comparison between flatfish and bingo bugs.

We were fishing Gypsum Lake on the July long weekend. Using similar rods with 4lb line, a black and silver flatfish against a black and silver Bingo Bug (the last one I had). That evening we landed 10 nice Rainbows, 9 on the Bingo Bug and 1 on the flatfish (to my son’s embarrassment the Bingo Bug was on my rod, proving once again that “old guys rule”).

Thanks for bringing the bug back!!

Rand Barker

Surrey, BC

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that new Lucky Bug Zombie Maxx found a few…

Had an hour to kill, so settled in about 100 yards off The Wall at Bamfield – about a dozen rigs working it tight – I was well outside of them (100 yards or so…). Marked a fair amount of herring down around 125, so dropped the blue/chrome 5″ Zombie Maxx I had rigged up along the way. Less than 5 minutes into the first. Nice fish around 17-18 pounds. Over the next hour hooked 5 and landed four more. All between 10 and 18 pounds. All on one rod, and all on that lure. Great showing!

You’d think that many boats 100 yards off if seeing a fellow only working one rod, short tacking, and constantly into fish would wander over? Nope! Not even one! LOL!

Anyway, if you’re looking for a Pro-Staffer let me know!!! And, where can I get my hands on more of those?


M. Stabler

Vancouver, BC

Don Hare with Lucky Bug Bingo Bugs

Thanks for the photo submission and the testimonial from Mike Martin in Ontario:

He caught an almost 8lb Pike in Perth, Ontario at Last Duel Park, using a 3″ Zombie Maxx Lucky Bug lure.

He said “the Zombie Maxx lures are amazing and I’d recommend it for anyone fishing for almost any freshwater species of fish!!!”

Mike Martin

Perth, Ontario

Don Hare with Lucky Bug Bingo Bugs

Dan caught this amazing Laker with a Zombie Maxx

Dan, a Warehouse Supervisor in Winnipeg, fishes a lot at Lake of the Woods by Sioux Narrows, ON. When he first saw the Zombie Maxx it was literally an “AWWWW!!” that came out of his mouth… and he was so excited to give one a try!

He caught this Laker downrigging 90-100 feet with the Zombie Maxx. He says the action looks absolutely wild in the water! Needless to say… he says: “Thanks Lucky Bug, your Zombie Maxx rocks!!”


Winnipeg, MB

The Bingo Bug is an incredibly versatile lure, as it can act as either a trolling lure or a fly. This is true not only during the summer months, but through the ice as well. As I live only minutes away from Dragon Lake in Quesnel, B.C. this lake is my go-to during the ice fishing season. Being a die-hard Lucky Bug Lures fisherman, I decided to try the Bingo Bug on the hard water this year… and it did not disappoint. The first few times I tried the Bingo Bug, I used it as a normal jig. I would lower the lure to about 1-2 feet above the weeds, and jig it quickly (hoping that the sporadic action of the lure would trigger strikes)… But I was unsuccessful. I decided to switch it up and use the Bingo Bug’s versatility to my advantage, jigging the lure like a fly instead… At this time of the year, the rainbow trout often retreat to shallow water and feed on insects that live in the weeds. I dropped the Bingo Bug through the short weeds into the mud, and periodically lifted the lure, very slowly, as to imitate an insect emerging from the mud and weeds. I used a split-shot weight about 18” above the lure just to make sure the lure went straight down. “Bingo”… fish on. I pulled up a beautiful rainbow trout, which is enough for me to have faith in this lure both trolling and ice fishing. The keys to this ice fishing method are disrupting the mud beneath the weeds periodically to create curiosity for the fish, and moving the lure very slowly because everything in the water moves slowly at this time of year. You can either rest the lure right in the mud and weeds, or keep the lure slightly above the weeds… But be sure to drop the lure into the mud every so often if you are using the latter method. If rainbow trout are at the top of the food chain, as they are in Dragon Lake, they can act more aggressively and you will be sure to hammer these fish in shallow water.

Brett Roberts

Quesnel, BC

Don Hare with Lucky Bug Bingo Bugs

For the past seven years, my family has been running the Gord Roberts Memorial Blue Knuckle fishing derby on the Arrow Lakes, based out of Nakusp, B.C. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to fish the derby every year since being revived as a memorial derby for my father, and the Roberts family has always been well represented in this derby. Some years the boat I was on would catch fish, and some years we would get skunked; personally, I had caught one fish (5.5lb bull trout) in the previous six years of the derby… But this year was different. The crew consisted of my cousin Kevin Roberts, his son Dylan Roberts, Cody Makortoff, and my good friend of several years Leo Rutledge… Leo got the skunk out of the boat early with a healthy looking 7.5lb bull trout (credit to the ridiculous set-up that he used, which we all laughed at him for and were quickly silenced by)… Next up, Cody with a 4.5lb bull trout… We had now matched our weekend total from both of the previous 2 years, with a full day and a half remaining in the derby… OK, it’s lunch time… Cody heads to the cuddy and heats up a tasty batch of venison chili that Kevin’s wife had made us for the derby (which was delicious)… Half way through my bowl of chili, there goes my rod tip… I quickly grab the rod and begin to reel… with an XL Lucky Plug tied to my line, I know it’s a good one… We get the fish into the boat, and it looks like it will qualify for the 10lb minimum derby weigh-in limit… Kevin says “alright let’s grab a scale and we’ll weigh this sucker”… All five members of the crew open their tackle box… Not a scale to be found… A tremendous display of professionalism and preparation on our part… At the end of the day we hit the marina to weigh the fish and sure enough it’s 10.6 pounds; the second Roberts fish to register on the board in seven years, but not enough to put us in the running as it was about the 5th biggest fish weighed in that day. Onto day two… After a carb-burning dance at the Legion the night before, and a firm 3 hours of sleep, we hit the lake again at 7:30am… Beautiful weather again on day 2 with a little bit more overcast… I tie on a new lure that my good friend Danny Coyne had given me to try for the derby to start off the day; I get a bite… 3 cranks of the reel, and the fish escapes… I give the lure another 30 minutes, but no luck… So I switch back to Lucky Bug; another XL plug, but a darker pattern due to the overcast sky. About 10 minutes go by and there goes the rod tip again… Bent right over and this time line is shooting out of the reel… Another good fish, and this one feels heavy. I begin to reel in, and it seems with every 3 or 4 cranks of the reel he’s taking more line… After a good 5 minutes of back and forth, he’s in the boat. “ANOTHER GOOD ONE BUDDY! He looks big, is he bigger than yesterday’s?” Kevin asks with extreme excitement… “I don’t know, pass me your scale” I reply smugly… Another two hours of guessing on the fish’s weight and we finally hit the marina… 13lbs even and enough to put me in 3rd place with about half an hour left until final weigh-in. As I stand nervously inside the marina, another angler comes in with a fish… and it’s big… He puts it on the scale, 12lbs even… I’m safe. Another 10 minutes go by and here comes another big fish… 12lbs even again, still safe with 5 minutes until final weigh-in… After the longest 5 minutes of my life, weigh-in is over and a 3rd place finish for our boat! After seven long years, we’re finally in the money in my family’s own derby. From Cody netting the fish, to Leo giving me the Islander MR3 reel several years ago that I reeled the fish in with, to the countless hours that Kevin and I spent in an aluminum boat while camping as kids (and putting up with his annoying younger cousin’s questions all the while), I’m extremely pleased to say that everyone on the boat had a part to play in me catching the biggest fish of my life. And, although Dylan was fishing with his grandpa that day instead of us, a big shout out to him for getting his hands dirty and gutting both fish for me. Most people probably wouldn’t see 3rd place as a big deal but after all the hours spent at the derby, and the significance of the derby being a memorial event for my dad, Kevin and I were battling our emotions as we handed out our high-fives. As my mom handed me my 3rd place plaque, she and I were both a little choked up but had to put on our game faces for the pictures. In the end, I was honoured to share the podium with life long friend Jesse Martin, 2nd place finisher with a 16.25lb bull trout, who’s boat has won 5 of the 7 total derbies… Jesse has been another mentor for me, as he has given me every piece of advice he can think of to get me up there on the podium with him. I cannot thank the guys on my boat enough for the early mornings over the past 7 years, my mom and sister for organizing the event year in and year out, and Jesse Martin for answering every question I ask and rooting for me every year… Another big shout out to Lucky Bug Lures for having faith in me and adding me to your prostaff last year… I’m proud to say I caught the two biggest fish of my life this weekend on your plugs. Amazing products.
P.S. Jesse… Don’t let your crew get too comfortable in the winner’s circle, we’re coming for you next year!

Brett Roberts

Quesnel, BC

Don Hare with Lucky Bug Bingo Bugs

It is fantastic to hear how well you are doing with your very special “Lucky Bug Lures” You certainly have a winning product that produces excellent results. I have gone back twice to buy more from Will at KJ’S Sports. My boat has been in the water at least a dozen times or more since I’ve seen you last. Each and every time I have caught real nice fish on these lures. I have caught fish on all colors – but of course I have my favorites. I have taken people out fishing who have never had a fly rod in their hands and got to watch first hand all the fun they were having fighting fish after fish. Now of course they are “Hooked on Fishin’” thanks to the Lucky Bug Lures. I look forward to seeing the new colors and designs you have been working on – so that I can get out on the lake and give them a try!

I caught two nice fish last night on the fly rod-right at dark – What a blast! I will be sending you more photos soon.

Have a good one. 

R. Rudnyk

Don Hare with Lucky Bug Bingo Bugs

Just a quick note to let you know that I caught a total of 22 fish with your Lucky Bugs! Specifically the one with the red dots, eventually one of the fish took the feathers off the back of it! I switched to the green one with orange backing and it was a hit as well. The first evening I caught 8 and brought 2 home for dinner but the second day brought an incredible day of fishing that included 16 fish with 2 of them just over 2 pounds. The funny thing is that in getting all of my crap together for the first camping trip in the tent trailer that I forgot my fly rods :(. I did have my casting rods and had this kind of success. There were two other people fishing in the lake and they did not catch anything! I told them about your lures and gave them each one to use. I am certain their luck will change!

I was not comfortable bringing my camera into the boat so I will have to get some disposable cameras to take action shots while in the pontoon boat. As a result I only took a shot of the 2 from the first night I brought in for dinner. I am gonna have to pick up a few more of those red dotted ones from you! Thanks again for the lures.

Anyways, thanks again!

Bill Mitchell

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know how my first Lucky Bug experience went.

I was float tubing last weekend at Buntzen lake and went through 6 fly’s over 2 hrs. Not even one bite. I decided to try something new for a kick on my fly rod (Lucky Bug Chartreuse #8) 3 mins later I had a cutthroat. After that I had about 10 more hits in 1 hr. My legs got too tired paddling at “trolling speed” so I had to quit. But there was definitely a difference. I can’t wait to try it behind my aluminum boat in the interior this summer.

Although I want to keep my Lucky Bug Lure secret I’ll spread the word as a show of my appreciation. Very impressive!


Steve Aschenbrenner

N. Delta, BC

Don Hare with Lucky Bug Bingo Bugs

Here is another story and photos sent in by happy anglers. They were using Lucky Bug Bingo Bug fishing lures while ice fishing in Ontario. Here’s what he had to say:

“Here are some photos for you of my son Stephen with the fish that he caught on the Lucky Bug (brown body with white and brown dotted tail feathers). He caught them while on the first ice fishing trip of this season. We were fishing on Upper Widgeon Lake near Algonquin Park, Ontario. The Lucky Bug was jigged on a 3 way swivel 1/8oz bell sinker 10″ off bottom and the Bug on a 5″ lead on the side. Stephen ended up getting all the fish in the pictures but there are no photos on the lake because the “dumb” Dad forgot to bring the camera. And there are no photos with the lure in a fish’s mouth as it got bit off before we left for the day. But we thought we’d send you the fish photos that we did take for your viewing pleasure.”


Lee Binkley

Ontario, Canada

Don Hare with Lucky Bug Bingo Bugs

Rick Steen w/ a Chinook Salmon – Caught this beauty with a Zombie Maxx

This testimonial is from Rick Steen from Langley, BC. He just returned from a 4 day fishing trip at Milbank Sound with West Coast Resorts where he did very well with our Zombies.

“I’ve been using Lucky Bugs’ Bingo Bug lures on my fly rod now for a couple of years waiting patiently for them to come out with something bigger for salt water that I could use on my annual salmon fishing trip up the West Coast! They have produced in spades! Your new Zombie Maxx lures kept me very busy on the ocean last week!!

For starters, the action on these things is great at a variety of speeds so regardless of whether my partner was trolling bait or gear the Zombie Maxx continued to get strikes! The first time it hit the water I went deep and pulled in a Ling Cod from the bottom. Throwing it right back in nabbed a Rock Fish about 5 minutes later. Then came the Salmon! Both Coho and Springs gobbled up a variety of colors securing me my limit of 8 good sized salmon in three days! And because no testimonial from a true Angler would be complete without a tribute to “the one that got away” I am frustrated to say that there is no picture of me holding the Tyee I spent 10 minutes fighting before it was knocked off my lure by a swift hit on the nose from a failed netting attempt! I’ll have to attach that picture next year!!

Keep up the good work guys, Lucky Bugs will always have a place in my tackle box and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Cheers to Tight Lines!”

Rick Steen

Langley, BC

Good news is that the lure worked in two out of the four Walleye presentations that I used it for. Bad news is that I didn’t have a camera to capture the moment, however I can assure you that I got some decent walleyes on them. The top colors for me were the plain Black Leech, Blue w/ Silver and Purple w/ Sparkles. Each color produced good numbers of Walleye with the largest being 8.23lbs. That was the moment I wanted to capture. The presentations that provided the most success were the Lindy Rigging with a Bingo Bug tied to the end of a 7 ft snell with a couple of black beads on it. The shorter snell didn’t produce fish as it seemed as though the action wasn’t as aggressive. The second presentation was what the Walleye guys call bottom bouncer or pulling spinners. I dressed up the line to the lure a bit and ran the larger Bingo Bug on the end. Average speeds that produced the most hits came in around 1.1mph. Again, it seemed as though the action was right at that speed.
While I recognize that I didn’t try all techniques, I think that the lure offers a different presentation to the Walleye offering of presentations. I am very pleased with the craftsmanship of the lure and the quality of materials. I can’t help but imagine that more success will occur in time. I would like to experiment with an assortment of others colors as well as I also think that is vitally important to the catch success.
I gotta wonder if the new Zombie Maxx might produce shallow water Walleyes with a pitching technique. Exciting stuff!
Two thumbs up for Bingo Bugs for Walleye from my perspective.
Dave Sellwood

Regina, MB

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