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Green Corona (Small) CLOSE OUT


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We are no longer making these Fusion lures, so these patterns are all that remain in inventory. We have made some changes to the designs and have applied those changes to the new Fusion Extreme.

The Fusion is a castable fishing lure with a vibrant darting action that triggers a reaction strike from predatory fish. Using Lucky Bug’s exclusive Trimaxx Technology, this lure combines detailed body graphics with the random movements and erratic vibrations you have come to expect from Lucky Bug.

The Fusion’s solid cast, BPA-free, hard plastic body withstands a lot of abuse and features an American made center-line bead chain and Mustad ultra point siwash hooks. Being slightly heavier than water, Fusion lures hover, start to sink then dart forward with each pause during the retrieve.

Casting or trolling, in lakes, rivers or oceans – the Fusion’s ultra-versatility earns it a place in everyone’s tackle box.

Casting: Tie the Fusion directly to the main line, no need to add a weight. Vary the speed of the retrieve because some days the fish will want the lure moving fast and some times going slow will get the bites. Pausing for a moment during the retrieve, allowing the lure to stop for a second then dart forward will get a reaction strike from curious fish.

Trolling: Tie a swivel to the main line, then tie a 3′ to 5′ leader from the swivel to the Fusion. We suggest using fluorocarbon leaders. Vary your trolling speed and try trolling in a series of ‘S’ patterns or Figure-8 patterns instead of a straight line. If additional weights are required, attach them above the swivel on the mainline. Keep in mind, the Fusion will dig down deeper on its own. 

Available in three different sizes:

Small: 1.75” (45mm) – 4.65 grams with hook  &  2.35 grams w/o hook
Medium: 2.75” (69mm) –  12.65 grams with hook  &  10.00 grams w/o hook
Large: 3.5” (88mm) – 24.65 grams with hook  & 20.90 grams w/o hook
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