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Pike Bomb – Rainbow Trout



This incredibly realistic lure, with 8 articulating sections, features a weighted swivel head and produces an incredibly life – like action underwater. Whether you are casting or trolling, this swimbait will blow your mind with it’s amazing underwater action. It drives all predatory fish wild, including Pike, Musky, Bass, Trout, Lakers & Walleye!


Using Lucky Bug’s exclusive Trimaxx Technology, this lure combines detailed body graphics with the random movements and erratic vibrations you have come to expect from Lucky Bug. The BPA-free, hard plastic body is built tough and can withstand a lot of abuse. It features two hook locations to allow you to set it up for your specific presentations, whether you're in rivers, lakes or oceans.

AMAZING ACTION – This slow sinking swim/glide bait features ultra-realistic patterns and unbelievable underwater swim action that works to attract predatory fish by triggering unparalleled predatory responses.

PREMIUM QUALITY – Eight articulated body segments, with realistic 3D eyes, for a clean presentation and custom graphics that are applied with ink for vibrant and durable patterns.

DURABLE – Flexible connecting fibre, made from durable nylon, also retains scents for added dimension and presents an amazing visual attraction.

REALISTIC – The uniquely weighted head also swivels which produces incredibly life-like underwater action, whether you’re trolling or casting.

TRIMAXX TECHNOLOGY – A 3-Stage system of vibrations that trigger feeding, bright graphics for visual attraction and erratic movements to create random direction changes that have been designed into all of our lures with the ultimate goal of putting more fish on your line!

Additional information

Pike Bomb Lure Size

5", 8"

Lure Color

Black, Brown, Pink


  • Lure Style: Sinking/Rattle Swimbait Lure
  • Minimum and Maximum Depth: 1.5”-1,000′
  • Possible Speed Ranges: 1.5mph to 4mph
  • Applications: Trolling / Casting

Features & Benefits

Here are just some of the features that make this explosive lure so compelling to fish: 

Tackle Tips

The Pike Bomb, with 7 articulating sections and featuring a weighted swivel head, produces an incredibly life-like action under water. Whether you’re casting or trolling, this swimbait will blow your mind. Try these tips:


Run it on a downrigger, on lead core line or simply troll it with weights. With or without a flasher, just tie one on and enjoy. Tie directly to your main line and let out enough line to get to your desired depth. Make sure to give your lure some distance from your weight. Use of a bottom walker is also an option. And remember, it’s best to troll in random patterns and to avoid straight lines for extended periods of time. 


Tie directly to your main line and cast it – it’s that simple! If you want to get it out a little farther, then tie a long leader directly to the split ring provided with a swivel connecting to the main line, use as much weight as necessary above swivel, and you’re all set to cast. For added action, try putting some scent on the fabric core – fish simply won’t be able to resist!

General Fishing Tips

Always keep your hooks sharp and rinse off the entire lure with fresh water after using it in saltwater.


Black, due to its contrast, is the most visible colour to fish under most conditions and is the best colour in dark waters. Use darker colors like black, blue and violet under low light or when fishing deep because fish can see them better. Use fluorescent colors like green or chartreuse in greenish waters or deep waters. In clear water, when fishing on the surface, the reds and the oranges often are best. Chartreuse & white or red & white produce the most contrast and are the best combinations under virtually any light.

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