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Ultimate Combos – Top 7 Staff Picks for Pike



Wanna know what our staff ties on to their lines when targeting Pike? Here are our top 7 fave lures and patterns:

  • #2 (Large) Bingo Bug – Chartreuse
  • #2 (Large) Bingo Bug – Black Leech
  • F-Bomb – Perch
  • 5″ Pike Bomb – Reaper
  • 4″ (MED) Lucky Plug – Thunderbread
  • 5″ (MED) Zombie Maxx – Frenzy Pike
  • 5″ (MED) Zombie Maxx – Minnow

Our lures use Lucky Bug’s exclusive Trimaxx Technology, which combines detailed body graphics with random underwater movements and erratic vibrations you have come to expect from Lucky Bug.

Whether you’re trolling or casting, in lakes, rivers or oceans, this assortment will practically guarantee success while out on the water targeting Pike. PLUS, this set makes a GREAT gift.



When targeting Pike out on the water, you want the best options in your tackle box. So, we have assembled into this kit some of the favourite lures that our staff put into their tackle boxes. These are great for virtually any avid Pike angler.

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